Aquatic Invasive Species rake kit
Eagle Scout Alex Collins with zebra mussel detector


Our AIS Early Detection Rapid Response Task Force is developing a universal action plan and pursuing agreements on the roles and responsibilities for local government and lake associations, so that we will be prepared for if / when new AIS challenges occur.

Develop an Adopt-A-Stormdrain program with cities/counties for volunteers to clean their community’s stormdrains so debris and nutrients do not end up in a waterbody.

Pursue improvements in septic system ordinance compliance, property owner education and low interest loan awareness with Sherburne County. An initial meeting to outline strategies was held on December 8, 2020.


Zebra mussel detectors, constructed by Eagle Scout Alex Collins (see photo at left) and distributed to member lake associations to monitor this invasive.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Monitoring Rake Kits (see photo above) sponsored by the SWCD and SC COLA that provide detection devices and materials for ongoing protection throughout the boating season of each lake (at no cost).

Collaborate with the Recreational Enforcement Division of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office to promote safety in lake and river recreational activities within the County. This includes education on rules and local ordinances, identifying placement of navigational aids (buoys) in County waters and needs for removal of navigational hazards and coordinating aquatic invasive species watercraft inspections.

Alum for Phosphorus Control seminar sponsored by Briggs Lake chain.

Joint AIS Volunteer Watercraft Inspector training with DNR sponsored by SWCD and Big Lake Community Lake Association.

Zebra mussel veliger monitoring, sponsored by SWCD and conducted by lake associations to determine potential early stage of this aquatic invasive species.